Featured Assessments With Free Career Coaching

Featured Assessments With Free Career Coaching

Featured Online Assessment With A Customized PDF Report Cost of $29.95 (One-Time). Includes Free Career Coaching (Up To 1/2 Hour) Via Phone Session(s)!


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Key Features and Benefits

 The CEI-EZ offers the distinct advantage of including three major interest areas—work, leisure, and learning—in one device.

  • Allows you to identify major interest clusters; explore a variety of work, leisure, and education options; and develop a career action plan with your career coach.
  • Can be completed in 20 minutes.
  • Incorporates a developmental format not used in other interest inventories. The CEI-EZ measures individuals’ past, present, and future interests. By reflecting on the interests they have developed over time, individuals are able to plan more precise..
  • Coaching Sessions Are Scheduled After Featured or Recommended Career Assessments Are Taken Online.

With the CEI-EZ, individuals reflect on 96 activities and consider their past, present, and future interest in them. Scores connect to 16 career interest areas based on the U.S. Department of Education career clusters. Related jobs, education and training options, and leisure activities are listed for each interest area. An action plan helps individuals focus on their top interest areas and consider short- and long-range goals.

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